Marjorie K. Conner


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                                          Marjorie K. Conner

                                        Communications Law

                                                           Ms. Conner is an accomplished attorney with extensive

                                                           experience in commercial transactions involving

                                                          wireless and wireline services and properties.  Most

                                                          recently, Ms. Conner assisted long-term clients as they

                                                          adapt to technological and customer demands into network

                                                          security applications, including:  Safety Act

                                                          designation, and eventually, certification, and federal

                                                          government procurement schedules and the federal

                                                          acquisition regulations ("FAR"). 

Ms. Conner has served as outside counsel to communications companies, handling diverse transactions involving negotiations, documentation, FCC filings, and closings. 

While, Ms. Conner is adept at counseling industry clients, she brings her communications industry experience to clients outside the communications industry dealing with communications entities, particularly as the Internet of Things ("IoT") grows.  

Ms.Conner has counseled clients on legislative process before the U.S. Congress and the FCC.

Ms. Conner possesses an empathetic ear, a deep understanding of the communications industry and how it intersects with its customers, as well as strong analytical, creative and communication skills. 

Ms. Conner is experienced in managing legal expenses and leveraging technological solutions to provide cost-effective legal support.

Specialties: Regulatory law, including communications law, involving agency concerns and transactions for services and properties, including intellectual property components.

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