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Business Break-up

We have managed business break-ups at various stages of frustration.  We have been involved in the planning stages, the offering stages, and the reaction stages.

If you started your business full of hope and optimism for the future, "of course" you split 50/50 with your partner.  "It was only fair."  And "why spend money on a lawyer" to draft organizational documents.  "We can just pull them off the Internet."

The company thrived.  The relationship is strained.  Both (all) partners are invested in the company.  No one wants to leave.  No one has control.

This is where we shine.  If you call us early in the process, we can plan your strategy.  Planning gives you the space to calmly consider your options.  In planning stages, you may have better access to books and records and customer lists.  Planning makes the process less stressful.  You have gamed out possible outcomes.  You are prepared.

If you received an offer from your partner, you will need access to the company's books and records to evaluate the reasonableness of the offer. 

If we talk later in the process, your partner may have locked down the company's books and records, and customer lists.  You may have to bring court action to get access to the books and records, just to get an understanding of the history of cash flow and the relative value of the offer.  Negotiations can be more stressful if you have not had the opportunity to plan and game out possible outcomes, but it is still possible to achieve a good outcome.

We have the experience, from every perspective of business break-up, and will bring that experience to guide you through strategically and with compassion.

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